Landscape Ecology NZ Limited
Environmental Design, Management & Education

Our Specialist Services

  1. Education
    We provide planning and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate learning material in the specialist fields of landscape architecture, landscape ecology, forest management, agro-forestry and sustainable tropical forest management.
  2. Ecological Design & Planning
    Extensive experience in ecological aspects of urban, peri-urban and rural planning and design across a range of spatial scales from home gardens to landscape scale ecosystem planning.
  3. Forest Restoration
    Planning, design, project management, establishment and monitoring of native forest restoration projects, specialising in planning for viable wildlife populations.
  4. Wildlife Research & Monitoring
    We perform wildlife census and monitoring of birds and mammals across a range of habitats both in New Zealand and in the South East Asian region. We also carry out unique wildlife research programs to support management decisions in natural areas and production landscapes.
  5. Ecological Assessment
    We have experience in identifying and assessing sites of ecological significance in New Zealand, and expertise in planning and conducting High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments in logging concessions and new plantation developments in South East Asia.
  6. International Eco-tours
    Planning and guiding small group tours to Borneo with a focus on forests, wildlife and the island's unique local indigenous cultures and traditions. Also specialise in planning & organising a range of unique volunteering opportunities in Sarawak and Sabah (East Malaysia).
About Landscape Ecology NZ Ltd
We are a specialised consultancy with extensive experience in the planning, design and management of natural areas and ecosystems in New Zealand and in the South East Asian region. Our projects range from residential garden design using native New Zealand plants, to broad scale landscape planning in urban, rural and natural environments.

Our team is passionate about restoring ecosystem functions across New Zealand landscapes, and we recognise that even small projects play an important role in managing our special biodiverity. However as well as restoring biodiversity values, we also understand that our clients often have a strong desire to manage and improve other values such as their property's aesthetics, and economic viability of production landscapes such as farms and plantations. 

We believe what sets our company aside from most others is the unique mix of academic and practical/hands-on experience our staff have. We all have extensive experience in forest, waterway and wetland restoration, and all have specialist expertise in wildlife research and monitoring. We posess valuable and relevant tertiary qualifications (ranging from undergraduate to PhD level) in our specialist fields including amenity/environmental horticulture, landscape architecture, forest science, wildlife research and management, geography, and sociology/rural development. 

As well as an extensive track record of ecosystem restoration projects locally, our staff have diverse experience working with government departments, NGO's, resource managers and local communities in the South East Asian region, including East and West Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and also the Solomon Islands.  
We look forward to discussing the specific needs of your project with you soon.  
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